This is what 'Ricky' at Optimizely support looks like. At least to me.

When Google announced they were killing off their classic Google Website Optimizer product this year and implementing Google Content Experiments right inside Google Analytics, I was super excited.  Tighter integration is great!  But there’s been a lot of hand-wringing since then.  I actually tried creating an experiment with it and had some difficulty with getting it setup right.  There are help pages on Google, but very little in the way of other community support.   I only found one post from someone else having trouble with GCE, which did not bode well.

So instead I decided to try one of the competitors, optimizely.  There’s a lot of additional features to optimizely that are really attractive, though I will always be a Google Analytics devotee, I decided I could stray a bit.

Lo and behold, I had trouble with that product too, and unlike GCE, it’s not free!   Interesting though, they were all over me like hipsters on a food truck.  As soon as I registered I got a call from my account person.  When I explained I had trouble, the account guy (not a support guy) asked me to send an email and he’d make sure a case got opened for it.   I ended up posting a note one day right before 5pm and got a response about 20 minutes later.

From there on I had an ongoing email debugging session with a support gentleman named “Ricky” at optimizely who would have responses to my emails in under 4 hours every time, and most of the time in an hour or less.   I even took a day off when I got busy with another project, and didn’t do the debugging task I had to do to move the project forward.   A day later when I did?  I had an email 90 minutes later.

If you’ve never done support you probably don’t understand how hard it is to maintain a full caseload across multiple days and keep that kind of response time.   I’m tres impressed.

I may never completely give up Google Content Experiments, but optimizely is getting my monthly subscription fee, for sure.

Photo credit: Gears of War gunsaw

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  1. That’s a pretty accurate portrayal. Thanks for the kind words.