The Safdar Group is a boutique digital agency focused measurable work for nonprofits and causes.  We maintain an intense focus on analytics when working for our clients and possess an expertise in deploying analytics systems in websites and metrics in organizations.

Not surprisingly, the Safdar Group is led by two Safdars.

Shabbir J. Imber Safdar on his most mature day.Shabbir Safdar graduated from Purdue University in 1992 with a computer science degree and has become less and less qualified to write software every year since.  After a quick but successful stint as a computer security professional, he co-founded Mindshare Internet Campaigns (later named Virilion) in 1997.   In 2010, he was fired from it, elected Chairman of the Board, and then sold it. (This an excellent story that all entrepreneurs should learn from).  He then founded The Safdar Group to focus on measurable  nonprofit and cause work.  If he’s not working at his home office or playing with his kids, you’ll find him at the Golden Gate Park archery range practicing his archery form.




Sarah Imber SafdarSarah Imber Safdar hates writing her own bio so much she let her husband do it.  This is a good thing, because she would never tell you that apart from having talents in writing, project management, organization, subcontractor management, financial management, and video line production, she’s also an extremely avid and accomplished knitter, a damn good cook, gardener, and baker, and a really good mother.


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