“Free Ebook: 3 Fundraising Metrics For Your Nonprofit Website”
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I am very proud to announce my first (and hopefully not my last) free e-book, “3 Fundraising Metrics For Your Nonprofit Website”.

Analytics tools can be very confusing, and you may wonder, what should I be looking at?  Visits?  Conversions?  How do I compare the donations I get during busy weeks to the donations I get during slow ones?  When should I be concerned?  How can I improve my website’s performance?

This book will help.  It is by no means the last word on how to measure the performance of the fundraising website, but if you’re glossing over it, or feel like your analytics efforts aren’t providing you with enough clear information about how you’re doing, then this book will show you how to pay attention to the most important elements of your site first.

Indices like “Time spent per visit” and “Pages consumed per visit” are helpful, but they are not the first item you should be looking at.  Focus first on the fundraising function of the website, and know those numbers backwards and forwards, after that you can branch out.

Here’s the table of contents so you can see what’s inside:

Introduction    3
Step 1: Gather Your Data Every Week (Measure)    4

  • Prospecting Rate    4
  • Donation Abandonment Rate    5
  • Donation Rate    6
  • Recording Your Data    7
  • How much data do I need to collect?    7
  • Seasonal effects on nonprofit fundraising    8

Step 2: Optimize the weak parts of your online presence (Change)    8

  • Increasing your prospect rate    9
  • Increasing your close rate (and reducing your abandonment rate)    9

Step 3: Did that work?  (Evaluate)    10

  • Watching your prospecting rate    10
  • Watching your abandonment rate    10
  • Watching your donation rate    11
  • Putting it all together – your weekly analytics meeting    11

Other Topics    12

  • Measuring third party donation and action forms    12
  • Can I use these analytics to evaluate promotional programs with outside partners?    16
  • Additional resources on measurement    16
  • About Shabbir J. Imber Safdar and Virilion    17

One Response to Free Ebook: “3 Fundraising Metrics For Your Nonprofit Website”

  1. Maureen Sheahan says:

    I would love to get a copy of the e-book, Measure Everything. Thanks.

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